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The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has informed that as of March 31, the $15 discount on bus fares for public sector workers will no longer be in effect.
The JUTC’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Gwyneth Davidson disclosed this in a JIS News interview. She explained that the Public Sector Discount Programme had been put in place to benefit public sector workers whose wages and benefits had been contained under the two year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), which was agreed on by the government and unions representing public sector workers, in February, 2004. The MoU will end on March 31.
Public Sector workers currently benefit from a subsidized bus fare with the JUTC absorbing more than 30 per cent of the cost. The workers received a 20 per cent discount at the point of sale or JUTC Smart Card outlet and a further ten per cent discount when they board the bus.
On August 21, 2005 the government officially increased bus fares for adult commuters to a flat rate of $50, up from $30 for travel in Kingston, and $40 to Spanish Town and Portmore. However, public sector workers with their JUTC pre paid smart cards only pay $35.
“The JUTC absorbed some $4.2 million through the subsidy,” Mrs. Davidson said. Approximately 5,000 public sector customers use the programme weekly, which Ms. Davidson points out has been a success.
“The JUTC is pleased that public sector workers enjoyed the service and hope that they will continue to travel on the JUTC,” she stated.

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