JSIF Spends $500 Million in St. Catherine

The Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) is reporting that over $500 million has been spent on various projects in St. Catherine.
“We can report that since 1996, we have invested close to $500 million in St. Catherine alone on a variety of projects numbering over 800,” said Operations Manager at JSIF, Omar Sweeney.
He told JIS News that an exercise was being conducted to provide a detailed breakdown of projects that have been executed over the past 10 years, and that this report would be available sometime later this year.
Mr. Sweeney said that projects were distributed evenly throughout the parishes and could only be approved if they meet specific guidelines set by the JSIF.
Meanwhile, the Operations Manager said that funding for projects in 2007 was encouraging.
“We are expecting to complete the National Community Development Project, a US$15 million World Bank funded project which facilitates the implementation of some 300 sub-projects,” he pointed out.
He noted that negotiations were also completed for another loan, a US$32 million fund, under the Inner-City Basic Services Project.
“This will take us to 2011 and will see us operating in 12 inner-cities in the island, as we seek to create a presence in the inner-city communities. But we are not leaving rural Jamaica, because that’s our foundation,” Mr. Sweeney said.
He explained that continued budgetary support from the Government, the World Bank and other donor agencies would also assist the inner-city projects, and ensure that the JSIF could support projects in rural Jamaica.

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