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Students of the Jose Marti Technical High School in St. Catherine are expressing satisfaction with the Career Day event held yesterday (March 18) on the school grounds, where they were directed to various professions and the requisite education and training.
Sixth form student Yannica Hayles pointed out that she was exposed to many possible careers.
“I feel high-spirited and interested in other areas.I am now trying to balance everything,” she told JIS News, while pointing out that she would have wanted more of her classmates to participate.
“To me it’s very good but I would have loved more sixth formers to take part.I have to think about tomorrow even though it is not promised to me,” Yannica noted.

Acting Television Manager at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), Stacy-Ann Smith, has the attention of students of Jose Marti Technical High School in St. Catherine, during a Career Day held yesterday (March 18) on the school grounds. Mrs. Smith presented on careers in the media.

Another student Kashaine Phillips said that he had learnt a lot. “It has been quite informative. I have always been interested in business and today, I have been enlightened as to what to do after leaving sixth form and being competitive in the work world,” he stated.
Grade 11 student Je-Voy Jarrett, concurred, noting that the event was very enlightening. “A lot of students don’t know what to do [when they grow up] so it’s one of the better things to happen at Jose Marti,” he stated. “I think that upper school students getting access to information .to set a course to move forward, is definitely a good thing,” he added.
Guidance Counsellor at Jose Marti, Mrs. Pauline Richards-Goulbourne told JIS News that the Career Day was organised to prepare upper school students for the working world. “We have to get things right now in school before they enter the work the skills and attitudes needed for the working world are taught in the school, so this is just an expansion of that,” she explained.
Mrs. Goulbourne said the hope is that at the end of the day students will be “more informed about the choices they make”.
Several organisations participated in the event by mounting displays with their representatives doing oral presentations to the students. The organisations included Bars to Go, International University of the Caribbean, Scotiabank, Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI), Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, G. C Foster College and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).
Television Manager at the JIS, Ms. Stacy-Ann Smith, had the full attention of the students with her very informative and entertaining presentation on the media, drawing on pop culture references to get her points across. Ms. Smith shared a number of possible career opportunities in television, including at the JIS, and training programmes to which they can apply to pursue media-related careers.
“You will get into any organisation through hard work and dedication.and if you are interested in a career in media [you must] become aware of what is happening in your environment, keep up to speed with what’s going on,” she advised the students.
In the meantime, Manager of Communication Marketing and Promotions at the VTDI, Miss Joan Belfon, who highlighted careers in the technical field, said that the students are very receptive, with over 100 applications requested.
“Societies depend a lot on technology to develop roads and other infrastructure.everything depends on technology, we need young people to get on board now”, Miss Belfon stated.
The JIS’ participation in the Jose Marti’s Career Day forms part of the Agency’s thrust to facilitate the educational development of the nation’s youths.
Morant Bay High in St. Thomas and Tavares Gardens Primary in Kingston are next on the agenda to be visited by the JIS on March 26 and April 26, respectively.

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