JIS News

To further facilitate the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit and small businesses, the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC) launched its ‘BIZ LINK’ Affinity Card programme, at its head office on Camp Road on January 18.
Executive Director of the JBDC, Harold Davis explained that the aim of the programme was to offer financial incentives in the form of discount services and products to eligible members from the centre’s clientele of over 4,000 entrepreneurs.
“The JBDC has formed strategic partnerships with a wide range of private and public sector organizations that provide services to the micro and small business sector,” he explained, adding that these companies would offer discounted services and special rates to ‘BIZ LINK’ card holders.
Some 15 companies are already on board, including Micro Enterprise Financing Limited, Digicel Jamaica, Global Ink, Scientific Research Council, JAMPRO, Innovative Systems and Sun Island.
Eligible ‘BIZ LINK’ card holders must be clients of the JBDC who are benefiting or have benefited from services in the form of technical, business development and product development assistance; their businesses must be registered and/or tax compliant and be at least 50 per cent Jamaican owned.
The ‘BIZ LINK’ card will be valid for a year and re-application has to be made on expiration. Membership is free until August 2007.
For more information on the ‘BIZ LINK’ Affinity Card, contact the JBDC at 928-5161-5.