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New Season, Jamaica’s display at the 2009 Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show has been awarded the second highest award, the Silver Gilt Flora.
Blossom Levene, team leader, said that while the Jamaican group was aiming for gold this year, they were satisfied with a silver award.
“I believe that we have done well, because it was really very challenging as a lot of our material got damaged. This year we had a smaller four-member team from Jamaica and we had the largest stand ever. So it was very challenging,” she told JIS News.
New Season depicts rays of the rising sun, created by the use of heliconias, strelitzias (bird of paradise), oncidium orchids and croton leaves. The rays of the sun also showcase the vibrant colours of alpinias (red ginger), anthuriums, orchids, tropical foliage and fruits, with the stand covered with poinciana pods, palm spathes and seeds.
Also on display were Jamaican fruits, including ackee, mangoes, cashew, Blue Mountain coffee beans and pimento seeds.
The Jamaica Horticultural Society (JHS), established in 1825, is dedicated to promoting horticulture in the island. It is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and, in conjunction with the St. Andrew Floral Arranging and Garden Club, has been participating in the Chelsea Flower Show for the past 12 years.

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