JIS News

Minister of Energy, Clive Mullings has organized for a team of international energy experts to serve as consultants to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) in the examination of the recent application for tariff increase by the Jamaica Public Service (JPS).
This team has been in consultation with the Minister for several months and includes persons with substantial experience in the pricing of electricity and tariff application such as that now before the OUR.
The Minister has met with the OUR and they have welcomed the assistance to be provided as it will strengthen their capacity to deal with the application and matters expected to arise from the planned public consultations. Minister Mullings is therefore urging all JPS customers to make full use of these consultations.
Minister Mullings is also reminding the public that the JPS application for a 23% rate increase does not mean that such an increase will be granted by the OUR but JPS is allowed under its license of 2001 to apply for a tariff review every five (5) years. The last application was made in 2004.

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