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Vaccination cards provide information to healthcare providers about a person’s vaccination status. They also provide a basis for health workers to offer a subsequent dose and/or health services as appropriate. In some instances, vaccination cards are also used to facilitate international travel, as some countries now require travellers to provide proof of vaccination against coronavirus (COVID-19) as a condition of entry.

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) has embarked on a project to upgrade the documentation mechanism for COVID-19 vaccinations. This will be in the form of digital COVID-19 vaccination records, which as of December 20, 2021, will be made available to Jamaicans who are vaccinated against the disease. This new format will replace the currently issued physical vaccination cards, providing Jamaicans with a more secure, internationally accepted and convenient means of verifying their vaccination status. Information on physical cards that have already been issued will be uploaded to the digital format.

Users will be able to log on to the online platform at and will be asked to enter their mobile number to receive a one-time password (OTP). The OTP will be sent to the mobile number and should be entered in the space provided to access the record, which may be downloaded to a mobile device or printed.

Persons who are not able to use the system may visit their health centre to receive support in accessing and downloading the QR (Quick Response) code.

Benefits of the Digital Record

The digital record will have several advantages over the physical means.

Security – The new record will be encrypted in the form of a QR code. This will enable the information to be easily validated and ensure that only authorised persons can access the data, thereby reducing/eliminating fraud.

Reduced susceptibility to fraud – There have been several reports of falsification of COVID-19 vaccination cards in Jamaica. Due to the digital version’s encryption, the records are more difficult to falsify than the physical cards.

Readability – The QR codes can be read on all international platforms.

International acceptability – The new cards will be modelled according to best practices and standards already being used in many parts of the world, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, to create digital vaccination records.

Efficient storage and access – The records can be stored in a variety of ways, giving cardholders options for safeguarding their information. The records may be saved directly to a cloud application on a smart device or computer or printed and affixed to a physical vaccination card that a person already has. Should a printout be misplaced, it may be easily reproduced, as the record will be sent to persons via email or short messaging service (SMS) text message.


For additional information, contact:

Ministry of Health and Wellness

10-16 Grenada Way

Kingston 5

Tel: 876-633-8103/633-7433

Fax: 876-622-8364

Vaccine card online platform:







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