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Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Anthony Hylton, has recommended that the Government use the planned review of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas as an opportunity to establish a regional energy policy.
He argued that the policy would unequivocally put an end to the discriminatory pricing of energy products by Trinidad and Tobago, which currently provides unfair competition in the single market for goods and services from other states, including Jamaica.
Mr. Hylton was making his 2010 Sectoral Debate contribution in Parliament on Tuesday (November 9).
He argued that this unfair competitiveness has been a bone of contention between private and public sectors, in both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, for some time.
“The Opposition views this matter as primarily one for the Caribbean Court of Justice to address,” he stated, pointing out that it should not be the basis of continued “screaming and shouting” at each other.
He also urged CARICOM to confront, with urgency, the full integration of Haiti into the regional body.
Mr. Hylton said it was critical that the French-speaking nation, which is CARICOM’s newest and largest member state, is completely integrated into the organisation, particularly as it continues to suffer the effects of disasters.
“This is more urgent and vital after the devastation arising from the January 12, 2010 earthquake, and the several misfortunes that have befallen the proud and heroic people since then,” he remarked.
Mr. Hylton recommended that the Government encourage the Jamaican private sector to invest, in order to take advantage of the opportunities likely to open up in Haiti.

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