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Some 350 homeless and indigent persons from Montego Bay and Lucea have benefited from the donation of clothing and medical supplies from the Agape International Foundation (AIF) and the Lenox Road Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York.
The donation, valued at more than US$45,000, comprised wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, clothing and books including hundreds of bibles.
Stephanie Robinson-Kellier from the AIF, who recently visited the St. James Infirmary to hand over the items, said that over the years, her organization had been instrumental in organizing a number of relief efforts for Caribbean countries struck by natural disasters, in addition to donating books, computers and other educational material for schools in rural Jamaica.
“We in the AIF in New York do care about the less fortunate in Jamaica and I would encourage more of us in Jamaica and within the parishes of St. James and Hanover to just see it in your hearts to donate something to these persons. Whatever you can afford be it food, clothing or money, just give to these persons as they are in great need”, Mrs. Robinson-Kellier said.
Inspector of the Poor in St. James, Jeremiah Dehaney, expressed appreciation for the gift.
He noted that the supplies would go to the Street People Programme and a portion would be donated to Hanover for distribution to needy persons in that parish.
“I am so grateful for this especially at this time where we have an expanded programme within our Poor Relief Department, which is the Homelessness Programme. Most of these gift items and medical supplies will be used in this programme as well as in the Care Centre and the Night Shelter”, Mr. Dehaney told JIS News.
The AIF is a non-profit organization comprised of concerned Caribbean-American nationals and works to assist those in need in underserved areas of the Caribbean.

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