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Minister of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness, has emphasised the Government’s commitment to building an education infrastructure, with the capacity to accommodate all students comfortably, while enabling the delivery of the highest quality education.
Addressing a press briefing at the end of a tour of the newly constructed administrative and classroom block, at the Carron Hall High School, in St. Mary on July 24, Mr. Holness said that commitment has been given out of a recognition that the education system plays a critical role in the social and economic development of the nation.
The two-storey building, which was constructed at a cost of $67 million, will house six classrooms and various offices.
Mr. Holness said the extension done to the school was carried out as part of a general infrastructural improvement programme being implemented in the education system across the country, in order to place the nation on the cutting edge in education delivery in the global community.

Minister of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness (right), conversing with Principal of the Carron Hall High School in St. Mary, Mrs. Dotlyn Dawes and Chairman of the School Board, Terrence Gillette, during a tour of the school’s new administrative and classroom block, on Friday, July 24 The new block, which was built at a cost of $67 million, will house six classrooms and the school’s administrative office.

He pointed out that the extension programme at the school would also include the provision of additional classrooms over the longer term, noting that this would be done in keeping with Government’s policy to build enough schools to reduce travel time for students, and create enough places to accommodate all students on one shift.
The Minister argued that quality education depended on the quality of the existing education infrastructure, stressing that learning could not take place in uncomfortable classrooms.
Commending the staff of the Carron Hall High School for the exemplary work they are doing in the delivery of education to the students, Mr. Holness said the impact of their performance was particularly evident in the success the institution has been achieving in the area of Information Technology (IT).

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