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Worker of the Year at the Mandeville Regional Hospital, Ellorine Palmer, says she is ever present at work, and that has contributed to her receiving the top award at the health institution.
“I am dedicated to my work, I am ever early and I don’t leave at the time that I am to leave, because there are other things to do. And I would not leave them undone. Knowing that you are working with the patient, you have to be dedicated to them,” she told JIS News on (December 7), after she received the award.
Miss Palmer has served the Mandeville Hospital for over 36 years. She cautioned that persons should value the time of their employees, and that they should not watch the pay, but give their best and the best pay will fall in.
Speaking of the event that gave recognition to long serving employees and retired workers, Chief Executive Officer, Alwyn Miller, told the gathering that the employees have helped the institution to deliver quality care to the public and are deserving of the recognition.
“It has been a team effort with reference to cost containment, resulting in reduced expenditure on some line items by a cumulative total of 11 per cent, while maintaining a 24-hour service in most departments for the 2009-2010 period. The contribution the teams make to efficiency, customer service, supplies and records management, availability of equipment and the necessary manpower are not to be understated,” he said.
Major sponsor of the award ceremony was Power Services. Head of the company, Timothy Scarlet, said he supported recognition for the workers, as he was a patient at the hospital and care there was excellent.
“I had a broken hand, I took the surgery here, spent three days here and I got excellent care. So it is a pleasure for me to contribute,” he said.
Guest speaker at the function and Chief Executive Officer of the St. Joseph’s Hospital, Gail Hudson, advised the retirees that they must, “move with the opportunity that is presented, so that, in the end, we can all succeed”. “Do things that you had always wanted to do. We have lots of beaches in Jamaica, lots of places that we can go, fun places that cost little. Enjoy this phase of your life to the fullest,” he said.
At the annual staff recognition event, awards were also given to long serving and retiring staff members and other workers who excelled during the year.