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The historical Chelsea Physic Garden in London created a Jamaican provision ground, and hosted a special Jamaican Independence Day celebration on Friday, August 6.
Jamaica’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Anthony Johnson, was the guest of honour at the event that also commemorated the 350th anniversary of the birth of Sir Hans Sloane and his special link to Jamaica.
The Garden’s Jamaican provision ground features food crops like corn, yam, banana, cacao and scotch bonnet pepper, as well as several species of herbs and medicinal plants.

Jamaican High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Anthony Johnson joins in a Jamaican folk song with musicians during the Jamaican Independence Celebration held at the Garden’s new Jamaica provision ground on August 6, 2010. The provision ground features a selection of Jamaica plants and food crops and will be on display throughout the month of August.

High Commissioner Johnson, who has always had a keen interest in Sloane’s work and Jamaican botany, in general, surveyed the Garden thoroughly and held lively discussions with guests and senior staff.
The Chelsea Physic Garden owes its existence to Sir Hans Sloane, who leased the property to the Society of Apothecaries for

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