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Minister of Local Government and Environment, Dean Peart, recently broke ground for the development of the new Cashew Grove Housing Scheme located in Irwin, St. James.
The scheme, comprising some 183 lots, will be established on a 20-acre plot of land, which is part of the Irwin Estate. It will be developed by CAN-CARA Construction Company at a cost of approximately $65 million.
The work is scheduled to commence next week and should be completed within six months. It will include the construction of road infrastructure, water and electricity and sewage lines.
Handing over the first batch of 65 possession letters to successful lot owners at the Irwin community centre, Mr. Peart congratulated members of the Cashew Grove Provident Society for organising themselves into a strong community group, which has successfully lobbied for affordable housing lots for residents.
“I feel proud today that one of the developments that I had much interest in over the years, has materialised, and I want to congratulate all of you for the work you have all put in to make this a reality . I urge you all therefore to unite and impact positively on this development, making it a model in the parish,” the Minister said.
He stressed that every citizen should make an effort to carry out their responsibility as it relates to the protection and beautification of the environment and move away from improper disposal of garbage and the setting up of illegal garages in residential areas.
“We all have to understand that as citizens we have a responsibility, because we have a country to build and we must set the example in making our environment a better place in which to live. No matter our political persuasions, we are all Jamaican citizens and we must work together to move this country forward,” Minister Peart stressed.

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