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Master painter, Barrington Watson’s latest publication, showcasing more than 200 drawings and celebrating 50 years of works by the artist, was presented to Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Hon. Olivia Grange, during a brief ceremony at her Ministry, New Kingston, Thursday (November 11).
Dubbed ‘Barrington: 50 Years of drawing 1958-2008’, the book provides a unique opportunity for collectors, art lovers, students and the general public to gain an appreciation of his works.
Speaking in an interview with JIS News, Miss Grange said his work is very important, and is a critical part of our heritage and the development of art in Jamaica.
“He is one of the masters and he has trained and inspired many, and this is why we have this rich collection of works of art,” she said, adding that she is very happy to receive the publication.
She disclosed that she is a strong admirer of Mr. Watson’s work and contribution to the development of art over the years.
“Every Jamaican who loves art, it is their dream to own something done by Barrington Watson. The publication is certainly an important part of any library collection, anyone’s personal collection of publications; so, if you can’t own the original, you have even a little piece of the master,” she told JIS News.
In his response, Mr. Watson noted that the publication gives an idea of how to approach drawing, and what is involved in making a work of art.
He said it was “difficult” to choose the works that make up the compilation, and credited his wife for selecting most of the pieces.
While some of the drawings are to be found in the collection of Watson’s Gallery Barrington in Kingston, the majority of those displayed in the book are in private collections and, therefore, not normally accessible to the general public.
The drawings display the full range of Watson’s phenomenal talents-figure drawing, portraits, nudes and landscapes.
Born in Lucea, Hanover on January 9, 1931, Watson showed an aptitude for art from a very early age. He is credited as the person responsible for introducing the academic canons of scale, composition and draughtsmanship to the realist branch of Jamaican mainstream art.

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