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I am deeply saddened by the passing of one of the most distinguished Jamaicans ever – The Honourable Louise Bennett Coverley, affectionately known by all Jamaicans as “Miss Lou”. She was loved by all and in many ways epitomized what it means to be ‘Jamaican’.
Miss Lou was a cultural pioneer for this country, and having mastered her own appreciation for the language, people and all things Jamaican, propagated these sentiments across the entire world. Her extensive body of publications in Jamaican creole, and her acting skills have raised the dialect of the Jamaican folk to an art level which is acceptable to and appreciated by all Jamaicans.
One cannot forget the energy and ease she brought to the stage and the rapt attention which children gave to her as they watched her weekly television programme “Ring Ding”. Miss Lou almost single handedly ‘brought up’ a whole generation of Jamaicans.
She taught us that though we were small we had a valuable contribution to make to the world. in her own words, “wi lickle but wi tallawah”.
This pioneering Jamaican will be etched forever in the annals of history as one who used her creativity and natural abilities to reflect the rich diversity of this country. Her many accolades were well-deserved and it would be to her credit if every Jamaican emulated her loyalty to, and love for, country.
While we have lost a valuable daughter of this country, we can be proud that she gave so much to us as a people and inspired us to achieve greatness. Miss Lou was indeed one ‘bonoonoonoos’ Jamaican, and we will miss her.
I extend deepest sympathy to her stepson, family members and friends.