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Just days after smashing a major passport/visa racket in downtown Kingston, Flying Squad Sleuths have dismantled a major car stealing ring in the Clarendon Division over the weekend (June 12-13).
Four men including the mastermind have been taken into custody; four motor vehicles and two desk top computers were seized in the incident. Detectives are withholding the identities of the suspects pending further investigations.
The operation which got underway in the Fourpaths community on Saturday, culminated at Race Course district where the four men were held. Three of them are relatives including two brothers. The fourth man – who does business on a regular basis in a south eastern country in Asia on behalf of a car company located in Clarendon – would tamper with the chassis and or engine numbers of vehicles he brought into the island on behalf of the company. He would then dispose of them to unsuspecting customers with the assistance of his cohorts; the proceeds of which would be shared among themselves.
Investigators are inviting persons whose vehicles have been stolen to attend the Flying Squad. Arrangements can be made by calling 922-2373.
Meanwhile one of two men taken into custody by Flying Squad Detectives after smashing a major passport/visa racket in downtown Kingston area last week was remanded in custody when he appeared before the Half-Way-Tree Criminal Court on Tuesday. He has been identified as Steven Smith of a Johns Lane address in Kingston. The other man was released.

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