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The Guidance Counselling Department of the Ocho Rios Primary School in St. Ann, will be hosting its first Girls’ Day forum on Wednesday, April 28, under the theme: ‘School is Cool’.
The objective of the forum is to expose the students to several topics, which will provide valuable information, as well as help to boost their self-esteem and prepare them for the challenges of the wider world.
Guidance Counsellor, Tracyann Webb, told JIS News that the institution was committed to the development of the students. “Although our girls are doing quite well, we still believe that there is much room for improvement, as excellence is the ultimate goal,” she said.
Miss Webb said the forum was being organized to help the girls deal with some of the academic, moral and cultural issues that they encounter from time to time. There will be presenters from various organizations and institutions addressing students of grades one to three on topics which relate to their identity, personal hygiene, conflict resolution, building a healthy self-esteem and managing money.
Students from grades four to six will be exposed to topics, such as the dangers of drugs, growing up, self-esteem building, the keys to success, decision making, strength of character, anger management, time management, the value of reading, peer pressure, choosing a career, the value of independence, and what it means to be a disciplined student. The day’s activities, which will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., will culminate with a concert where the girls will display their musical talents.

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