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The guidance and counselling department of the Albert Town Primary School in Trelawny, will be hosting a family exposition at the school on Wednesday, April 7 under the theme, ‘Families in Action for the 21st Century’.
The day’s event will begin with a launching ceremony at 9:00 a.m. with guest speaker Victor Wright, who is a retired teacher. Guidance Counsellor at the institution, Vivia Scott-Beckford, told JIS News that the exposition would highlight the activities of the school, sensitize parents about curriculum offerings, and garner public support in the education process.
As such, the public will be able to view the students’ work in poetry, song and story writing, while displays would be set up to provide information about hurricanes, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle, sexually transmitted diseases and safety in the home. Parents will be asked to participate by providing food items that promote healthy living.
Patrons of the event will be able to have their blood sugar and blood pressure checked by nurses from the Trelawny Health Department.
Sponsors of the event include Digicel, Teachers’ Investment Plan (TIP), the Bank of Nova Scoria, and Rural Agricultural Development Agency (RADA).

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