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All is now set for the Ricketts Street Early Childhood Institute, in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, to get a major facelift on Labour Day (May 24).
Chairman of the Westmoreland Parish Council and Mayor of Savanna-la-Mar, Councillor Bertel Moore, says that all is in place to carry out a wide scope of work on the facility that day.
The Mayor was speaking at the final meeting of the Labour Day Planning Committee of the Westmoreland Parish Council, held on May 20.
The Ricketts Street Early Childhood Institute has been chosen as the parish/national project in Westmoreland, as the focus this year is on the children. This year’s activities will be carried out under the theme: ‘Our Children.Show Them We Care’.
Some $259,000 is estimated for the scope of work to be carried out, which include repairing and painting the building and ceiling; repairing the bathrooms, doors, windows and kitchen and giving a face-lift to the grounds.
According to Mayor Moore, corporate support for the project has been very encouraging. “I think we are getting very good support. To date we have picked up over $70,000 in cash, and there are other persons and businesses which have made commitments. So, I am quite sure that we will have a good project, because we will get funds to complete the project,” he said.
He said that persons from the communities in close proximity to the institution have been mobilised to work on the project. Mayor Moore reported that approximately
15 other projects have been registered in the parish, but expectations are that this number should increase by Labour Day, as traditionally, many persons and groups wait until the last minute to register their projects.

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