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Caribbean Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) could have an opportunity to enter Chinese markets through e-commerce, according to Chief Executive Officer of Chinese company Globelink China Logistics Limited, Solomon Cai. He was speaking at the panel discussion for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) at the 4th annual China/Latin American and Caribbean Business Summit in Chengdu, China from October 21-22. Jampro is representing Jamaica at the event which is part sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IABC).
Mr. Cai noted that e-commerce platforms give SMEs an opportunity to showcase their products to Chinese markets and to find the right logistics that can place their commodities.
Ambassador of Jamaica to China, Courtney Rattray, who is anchoring Jamaica’s presence at the Summit, noted that Jamaica had several fine products and China now had more billionaires than any other country in the world who were young and who are seeking the finest products.
He noted that recent high level visits of Jamaican and Chinese government officials are nurturing relationships that have the opportunity to become business opportunities.

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