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The Dunrobin Primary School in St. Andrew is to be placed on the Safe Schools Programme, following the assault of a female teacher on the school compound on Monday (Oct. 1).

Minister of Education, Rev. the Hon. Ronald Thwaites, made the disclosure on October 3, following a meeting with staff at the institution's premises on 37 1/2 Dunrobin Avenue. 

"They have asked for the school to be placed on the school security programme and I will consult with the Ministry of National Security and ensure that this is done, although (the programme) is not usually for primary schools. But clearly, the circumstances warrant it," he said.

He noted that this approach is expected to give the staff and students a "measure of tranquility and confidence".

The Safe Schools Programme was implemented by the Ministries of Education, and National Security in 2004.

Under the programme, police men and women are placed in secondary schools where they work with staff to reduce violence and indiscipline.

In the meantime, the Education Minister said no one should be allowed on a school compound unless someone is willing to receive the visitor. "That did not happen in this incident on Monday," he lamented.

Mr. Thwaites said the invasion of the institution should be condemned and is evidence that the "social fabric" on the island is deteriorating.

As it relates to the teacher who was attacked, Minister Thwaites said she is "recovering but I can imagine she is still very frightened."

He said several members of staff are emotionally distressed "just at the remembrance and the brazenness of what took place. It must never happen again".