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A contract valued at $26 .7 million, for the construction of a new Type 3 health centre in Duncans, Trelawny, was signed on the grounds of the Duncans/Dewar Health Centre on Tuesday (December 1).
The contract was signed by representatives of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) and the contractors, Sharecon Ltd.
Work on the project will begin immediately, and it is slated to be completed in seven months.
The scope of work to be carried out includes the demolition of the existing Duncans/ Dewar health facility, and its reconstruction to include 5 examination rooms, offices for dentist, administrative staff and mental health personnel, as well as medical records and registration rooms, waiting area, rest rooms, utility rooms, treatment rooms, a registry and water storage tanks.

JSIF Board member Yvonne Frederick (second left) and Project Manager at Sharecon Limited, Christopher Lawrence (second right) attach their signatures to the $26 .7 million contract for the construction of a new type 3 health centre in Duncans, Trelawny. Member of Parliament for North Trelawny, Dr. Patrick Harris (left), JSIF Communications Officer, Lotoya Halstead (third left), and Chairman of the Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA), Noel Donaldson (right), look on.

On completion, the new facility will provide services ranging from mental health, child health, medical/curative services, dental and maternity services.
JSIF board member, Yvonne Fredericks, in bringing greetings at the contract signing ceremony stated that JSIF is cognisant that the provision of social services plays an integral role in the development of the nation.
This awareness, she added, has caused the Fund to place high on its priority list the renovation, construction and equipping of health centres.
“As a Government company, the Jamaica Social Investment Fund has already made significant investments in the health system, some $252 million since our inception. This year alone, the Fund has given approval for nine health centre projects to be implemented”, she stated.
She explained that the Duncans project is being implemented with funding from the World Bank and the Government of Jamaica (GOJ), under the Hurricane Dean Emergency Recovery Loan project.
She also appealed for stakeholders in the project to exhibit a high level of co-operativeness, during and after the construction of the facility, to overcome the challenges within the sector.
Chairman of the Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA) board, Noel Donaldson, praised the commitment and dedication of the workers within the region for the continued delivery of excellent quality health care services to residents within the region. He also commended JSIF for its contribution to the health sector, islandwide.
Member of Parliament for North Trelawny, Dr. Patrick Harris, underscored the importance of proper health services in the development of any area. He also drew reference to the development plans for the adjoining areas of Falmouth and Duncans.

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