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Director of Elections, Danville Walker has been named by Prime Minister P. J. Patterson to head the Office of National Reconstruction (ONR), which has been constituted to lead the recovery effort, following the passing of Hurricane Ivan.
The Prime Minister, who made the announcement at yesterday’s (September 13) post Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, said Mr. Walker would be seconded from his job at the electoral office for a period not exceeding six months, and his substantive task would be to co-ordinate the efforts of government, non-government and civil society in the reconstruction effort.
Mr. Walker, who will be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the ONR, is widely respected for his work in reforming the country’s electoral system, reducing corruption and bringing more integrity to the voting process.
“We had to get somebody who was non partisan that could get along with representatives at the national and local government levels and elected representatives, no matter what their political affiliation,” the Prime Minister said of the appointment.
“We need to get somebody who can work with the private sector, the non-governmental groups, the churches and civil society. who knows about Jamaica, every nook and cranny,” he added.
He noted that Mr. Walker would lead a multi sectoral team comprising members of the private sector, state organizations and civil society, and already, one major corporate entity had appointed a senior manager to the ONR. The terms of reference of the office are:
To spearhead and anchor the programme of activities necessary for full and expeditious national recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.
To co-ordinate the work of all government ministries, departments, statutory boards and public sector agencies that need to be involved in the discharge of their functions and responsibilities pertaining to the repair and reconstruction drive.
To work through the Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and the Planning Institute of Jamaica to ensure the most effective contribution and requisite support from foreign governments, international aid agencies, donor groups and Jamaicans overseas.
To fully involve the entire Jamaican society and people in the rebuilding drive; working closely with the private sector, trade unions, corporate groups, non-governmental organizations, churches and civil society, to secure participation.
In accordance with the decisions of the Cabinet and instructions from the Prime Minister, to settle with all the partners and implementing agencies an acceptable framework, timetable and modalities for implementation.
To monitor and ensure full accountability for the projects and programmes being undertaken by the implementing bodies; while ensuring due compliance with procedures suitable for urgency of action.
To undertake field visits, to inspect the work in progress and to interface with political representatives at the national and local government levels, as well as to ensure that there is on-going dialogue with the affected communities and intended beneficiaries.
To fashion a comprehensive communication programme working with the Jamaica Information Service, advertising and marketing personnel engaged in the promotion of Jamaica and the private media, so as to disseminate the timely and accurate flow of information, thereby contributing to the speedy and successful implementation, which fosters national unity.

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