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St. Ann Disaster Coordinator, Alvin Clarke, has said that assessment was being carried out in the parish, to determine the extent of the damage from Hurricane Dean, and provide relief assistance where necessary.
“We hope to have this programme wrapped up by tomorrow (Aug. 22) so that we can start making recommendations and carrying out response assistance,” he told JIS News.
He informed that the southern end of the parish was most affected by the hurricane, with reports of major damage in areas such as New Hall, Mcnie, York, Coffee Ridge, John Reid and Gibraltar.
“Of the damage reported, we had probably 70 per cent of the damage in the southern part of the parish and at this point in time, reports show that a total of over 150 houses received damage and we are still carrying out damage assessment,” he said.
Mr. Clarke indicated that most of the damage was caused by the wind effects of the hurricane and there were no reports of deaths, looting or fire. “Remarkably, we did not get a lot of rain and so our flood-prone areas such as Cave Valley, Pedro River and Moneague were speared this time and for this, we are thankful,” he stated.
The Disaster Coordinator appealed to persons, who were greatly affected by the hurricane to exercise patience while the necessary assessments are being done by the relevant agencies and organizations.
“We know that you have suffered greatly during this scenario, but we are trying to do our best with the resources that we have so that you can return to some level of comfort in the quickest time possible,” he stated.
In the meantime, Mr. Clarke informed that a total of 44 shelters were opened in the parish and more than 1, 200 persons sought haven at the facilities.
“At this point in time, most of the shelters in St. Ann are closed, but we still have approximately eight shelters that are still open with over 100 persons in total,” he said, adding that operations at the Emergency Operation Centre will continue until all the shelters are closed.
Mr. Clarke commended the members of the Parish Disaster Committee for the team effort that they displayed before and during the passage of Hurricane Dean.
“During the period of the hurricane, we had several agencies working in our Emergency Operation Centre. It was strictly team work and through this, we got through the effects of this hurricane at a much faster rate. I am not saying we got everything perfect but I am rather impressed with the improvements that we have made in our coordinating activity,” he told JIS News.

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