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The Jamaica Youth for Christ, in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), has embarked on a project, aimed at reducing violence against the nation’s children. To this end, a counselling centre was opened at the Teen Challenge complex in Shaw Park, Ocho Rios, on Wednesday, June 14.
“The project involves three phases. We are establishing counselling centres, character clubs and providing opportunities for adult training,” Director for the Jamaica Youth for Christ, Dr. Donovan Thomas, told JIS News.
He informed that an extensive counselling programme was already on stream in Kingston as part of the project, and that other centres would be opened in the parishes of St. James and Manchester.
Dr. Thomas said that Jamaica Youth for Christ has been going across the country on a 14-week mission, praying for God to bless the nation. The members have visited the parishes of St. Thomas, Portland and St. Mary.
He said that the opening of the counselling centre in St. Ann was timely, as the organization continued to spread its message. “This project is a partnership, involving people at various levels in the society, and by this multifaceted approach we seek to encourage the community to provide help for hurting youth, to take deliberate steps in identifying positive alternatives to violent lifestyles,” he added.
Dr. Thomas pointed out that many of society’s young people are involved in drugs, crime and violence, and that the Teen Challenge was also there to provide the added assistance in reforming those who came to seek counselling. “The youth are our future and so we are calling upon everyone to invest in our youth and help them to experience alternatives to what they are dealing with in these times.
Let us join forces and work together to create an impact on the youth in St. Ann and the surrounding parishes,” he urged.

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