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Acting Consul General in New York, Lincoln Downer, has hailed the formation of the Golden Krust/Jamaica National Overseas (JNO), Incorporation, as a step in the right direction, especially for Jamaicans in the USA.
Addressing the recent launching ceremony of the joint venture remittance service at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel in new York, Mr. Downer praised the initiative, which will facilitate money transfers to Jamaica and the Caribbean region.
“I commend both entities for their foresight and vision in forging synergies in the Jamaican communities throughout the United States. This strategic partnership between these two prominent companies, with deep roots in the Jamaican Diaspora, represents a bold step in the right direction,” Mr. Downer said.
Regional telecommunications giant, Digicel Limited, is another of the major partners in the new company, which will be known as GK/JNO Management Services, Inc. Digicel Limited was represented at the launch by Trevor Wright.
Earl Jarrett, President of Jamaica National Overseas, Inc. and Lowell Hawthorne, President/CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill, who addressed the function, commended Steven Hill, CEO of the Caribbean International (News) Network (CIN), for suggesting the idea of the collaboration some years ago.
Mr. Jarrett noted that the partnership with GK and Digicel would now allow JNO the flexibility in providing a cost-effective medium for customers to get their funds to Jamaica.
“Jamaicans are a migrating people who stay in touch with home and remit funds to build houses, support relatives and educate their children. It was to serve these purposes that JNO had joined with GK to provide a unique experience in remittances,” he said.
Persons wishing to access the service will be able to do so from a kiosk at any of the 117 Golden Krust stores in seven states across the USA.

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