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Prime Minister Bruce Golding is calling on the Church to help bring Jamaica together under God, a role which he said no other institution can perform.
He said the government would be embarking on a campaign to mobilize the nation around things that are good and righteous, and the Church was required to play a lead role in that effort.
Mr. Golding was speaking on Sunday (Mar. 16), at the closing of the 32nd Annual Camp Meeting of the Bishop Herro Blair led Deliverance Centre on Waltham Park Road under the theme ‘Rekindling the Fire.’
He said Jamaica faces many challenges and problems, some of which cannot be fixed by any law. He said it was as if a satanic force had taken over the country and a spiritual force was therefore needed to take the country through this difficult period. He said hope for a future for Jamaica must be rooted in faith and the belief that God can move mountains. He said Jamaicans must be seized by the power of God and that as it is He who created us, it is through us that He can repair the country.
Mr. Golding said politicians alone cannot lead the country, but are in need of God’s guidance in carrying out their duties. He thanked the leadership of the Deliverance Centre who, through Bishop Herro Blair as Head of the Peace Management Initiative, has taken Jamaica through some difficult times.
Mayor of Kingston, Councilor Desmond McKenzie was also in attendance at the service.

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