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With the July 30 start of the 2005 Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show just four days away, Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Senator Norman Grant has informed that all the booths for the inaugural and much anticipated food court have been sold out.
“The booths are all gone, all sold out,” Senator Grant told JIS News. He noted that the more than 20 booths were rented on a first come first serve basis, but persons still interested could contact the JAS to make additional arrangements. The booths cost approximately $30,000 each.
Senator Grant noted that the idea behind the establishment of the food court was to promote the Eat Jamaican campaign under the theme: ‘Grow What We Eat and Eat What We Grow,’ which is also the theme for Denbigh.
“It is certainly one of the concepts that we are going to be using in focusing very heavily on the local cuisine and we’re aiming to make available, the dishes that are available locally,” he noted. Jerk chicken, jerk pork, ackee and saltfish, roast yam and bammy are among the many local dishes that will be served at the court.
He also pointed out that the eclectic display of food would give overseas patrons an opportunity to sample and learn how to prepare Jamaica dishes.
The JAS President also told JIS News, that the food courts fell into the overall efforts to bring order to Denbigh. “Rather than having the restaurants scattered all over the place, we have focused on establishing food courts as a part of the level of organization that we have brought into the show this year,” he said.
In respect to the food court becoming a staple feature at Denbigh, Senator Grant said, “we could very well see this going forward as part of the new features at Denbigh”.
Meanwhile, the JAS President said that Denbigh 2005 promises to be one of the most exiting shows ever.
“We are going to reduce vehicular movements on the ground, so security will not be a problem. Vehicles will be in parked areas with maximum security and there will be nightly entertainment and fun for the children. Just come to have an exciting day, learn about agriculture and for the young people, agriculture is still an option,” Senator Grant urged. The three-day show ends on August 1.

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