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A Bill to amend the Broadcasting and Radio Re-Diffusion Act has been approved by the Upper House. The legislation, tabled by leader of Government Business and Information Minister, Senator Burchell Whiteman, provides for licences to be granted for subscriber television service for longer than the six-year slot previously allowed.
In supplying the rationale behind the move, Minister Whiteman said the amendments were in response to calls for the licences to be issued for a longer period to facilitate the expansion of services and the provision of broadband and other new services, as lending institutions were reluctant to lend money for upgrading as it was felt the six year licence term was insufficient for licensees to recoup their investment.
With the amendments however this is set to change. Currently there are over 50 licensees operating in the island. With the deployment of the cable communication network, and the subsequent modernization of the wider communications network, citizens now enjoy access to advanced media and communication services.

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