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Some 300 students and teachers from the First Step, Rose Heights and Albion Lane basic schools in St. James have benefited from furniture and equipment provided by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) at a cost of $300,000.
The money is part of a $20 million allocation to the JCF by the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) fund to finance social intervention projects in troubled communities.
The JCF, through the St. James Police Department, identified the needs within these schools and have purchased ten ceiling fans, three four-burner gas stoves and 43 desks and benches to be shared equally among the three schools.
Speaking at the presentation ceremony at the Rose Heights Early Childhood Institution in Montego Bay on May 7, Chief Executive Officer of CHASE, Billy Heaven, informed that the fund was set up by government in November of 2002, to manage and disburse funds for projects in the areas of culture, health, the arts, sports and early childhood education. In excess of $500 million has been approved for projects over the 18-month period.
Mr. Heaven said that CHASE’s intervention at the early childhood level was deliberate, “because we think this is where we can make a huge difference to the knowledge base of our children”.
He reasoned that once children had broad access to quality early childhood training, they would require less remedial learning in later years, were less likely to drop out of school and get involved in delinquent behaviours, and so could make positive contributions to society.
“I know very well that without the command of a certain minimum level of education, set goals are difficult to achieve.without it life will diminish and poverty will take over. Providing our children with a solid foundation is one of the most rewarding investments we can ever make”, Mr. Heaven stated.CHASE is supported through proceeds from the gaming industry.

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