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Minister of Tourism, Entertainment and Culture, Aloun Assamba, has urged increased investment in health and retirement tourism, noting that these sub-sectors were poised for growth throughout the region.”The health, wellness and retirement sub-sectors are indeed growing in intensity. There is a swelling, excitement of thought, feeling, energy and enthusiasm . a new wave, which is fully backed by government through policies and the facilitation of financing”, she stated.
The Tourism Minister, who was addressing the Jamaica Stock Exchange’s second annual conference on Investments and Capital Markets at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay yesterday (Jan. 12), noted that Jamaica and the wider region had “certain advantages that could contribute to the growth of these sub-sectors, based largely on our proximity to the large markets for health care that exists in the United States of America”.
Pointing to specific areas for investment, she mentioned the provision of renal care equipment; cardiac care centres; paramedic and emergency health services including ambulances; equipment and facilities for by-pass surgery; retreat villas for recuperative and palliative care; and real estate developments for retirees.
According to the Tourism Minister, the government of Jamaica has long recognized the growth trend in these areas and was committed to creating an enabling environment for investment.
“We are in fact committed to doing the research, establishing linkages, giving the advice and facilitating the development of large and small businesses alike, through a system of incentives, policies and positive legislation. When the private sector does well, so does government. We become even better able to provide first class infrastructure to further propel development through increased commercial activity”, Minister Assamba pointed out.
The three-day regional conference, which started on Wednesday (Jan. 10), was aimed at highlighting investment opportunities and facilitating discussion on issues and trends in capital markets in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. It was held under the theme: ‘The global response: Strategy and innovation for regional capital markets growth’.