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Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Karl Samuda, says provision will be made in the Ministry’s budget to ensure that there is adequate supply of water for farmers across the island.

Speaking at the official opening of a small ruminants Reproductive and Fertility Laboratory in St. Elizabeth on Friday (February 17), he noted that over the years farmers have suffered losses due to insufficient water supply and the Ministry will be moving to address the challenge “in a decisive way.”

He pointed out that if agriculture is to be seriously considered as the cornerstone of Jamaica’s development, water must be provided on a regular basis for farmers to grow quality crops.

 “We must make a special provision in our budget and allocate the funds necessary to serve those areas that do not have (adequate) water supply…with tanks, and to deliver water to them on a regular basis because the returns will be great if they (the farmers) do not have to worry about the water,” he said.