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KINGSTON — Over 750 young persons from across the island will attend several National Youth Service (NYS) training programmes scheduled to take place early this year.

Participants will attend the Business Administration training course in January; and the  Teachers’ Assistant and E-Lab Technician training programmes in February,” Acting Executive Director of the NYS, Alan Beckford, told JIS News.

He pointed out that the training programmes, which will last for one month, will include a curriculum based on Early Childhood and Primary Education. Other topics will include behavioural, personal, life career and character development and a specialised business administration curriculum.

Teachers' Assistants are educational support personnel who provide much needed support to classroom teachers and students. They are being trained to support teachers and administrators in special educational institutions, such as the Alternative Secondary Transitional Education Programme (ASTEP) centres and E-Learning centres.  

The e-lab technicians assist in the daily maintenance of the computer lab and assist in the trouble-shooting of equipment problems. They also maintain an inventory of equipment and supplies, provide on-going assistance to teachers and assist students in the labs.

Mr. Beckford said that participants will receive the HEART Trust/NTA National Council on Technical Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) Level 11 Certification, along with the NYS Certificate of Participation.

“We are living in a country where 28 per cent of the workforce is 35 years old, so our aim is to increase that number of persons, because without certification, it makes it far more difficult in the working world,” he said.  

Mr. Beckford explained that participants indicated their career choices and did an evaluation to expose their literacy and numeracy levels.

“Doing these things will definitely make a significant difference in how we treat them at the end of the day, because we will be more aware of what their special needs are,” he added.


By E. Hartman Reckord

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