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A total of 52 projects have been registered in the parish of Trelawny for Labour Day 2006.
The work to be undertaken includes the planting of trees, painting of pedestrian crossings and curbs, and drain cleaning activities.
In keeping with the theme for Labour Day, ‘Jamaica’s Beauty – Our Duty’, the beautification of Water Square in Falmouth has been chosen as the parish project.
“We have registered a total of 52 projects so far and 26 out of the 52 will be carried out in the Falmouth area”, said Omar Simpson, Trelawny Parish Manager of the Social Development Commission (SDC), adding that work had already started in Water Square.
He told JIS News that the aim of the various projects was to get the citizens to develop and maintain a spirit of oneness as they worked to beautify the parish. “We have had tremendous participation from private sector organizations such as Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS), Red Stripe and others in adopting areas of the town centre and working on them so as to showcase the town,” he informed.
Mr. Simpson told JIS News that in addition to meeting the Labour Day objective, the projects were designed to bring the parish to a state of readiness for Cricket World Cup 2007.
“Come 2007, Trelawny will be the window through which the world will view Jamaica and we want to ensure that this view is one of a clean and investment friendly environment,” he stated.
Mr. Simpson said that it was not too late for organizations and other service groups to get on board and register their projects for Labour Day, informing that they could do so at the Trelawny Parish Council, the SDC or the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission offices.
He is appealing to the members of the various communities to support Labour Day 2006 and make a contribution to the development of the parish.

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