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Seven members of the St. James 4-H Movement were recently presented with young female Nubian goats for rearing and breading, as the club’s goat revolving programme moved into its second year.
The project, which was launched in the parish, last year, is valued at some $200,000, with a total of 11 clubbites and two leaders benefiting so far.
Under the project, a young female goat is given to a clubbite, who rears the animal, and once it reaches an appropriate age, it is brought to the Montpelier 4-H Centre for breeding. The female offspring is passed on to another clubbitie, with the cycle continuing.
Addressing participants at the handing over ceremony at Montpelier, Regional Co-ordinator of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Barbara Lawrence, said that the primary objective of the programme was to engage young people in farming as a means of subsistence and to contribute to food security.

Members of the St. James 4-H receive young female Nubian goats at a ceremony held recently at the Montpelier 4-H Centre, where the second stage of the parish’s goat revolving project was launched.

“They might not actually become farmers but they will at least have a firsthand knowledge and experience on farming . so that when they become adults, they too can support and feed themselves and others. It is good that our youngsters can realize that they too can play a part in ensuring that we have sufficient food to eat,” Mrs. Lawrence noted.
She encouraged the recipients of the goats to take special care of the animals in order to make a better living for themselves and their families. She also urged them to keep proper records and ensure that the animals were properly fed and given the necessary dosage of medicine.
Staff Advisor for the Cornwall College 4-H, Kaye Salmon, endorsed the project as a positive one.
“I believe that this is a positive move by the Jamaica 4-H Clubs. This project will certainly be of benefit to the students as well as the leaders, because I myself have benefited. This programme will also motivate other youth to show interest in farming,” he stated.

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