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Minister of Tourism, the Hon Edmund Bartlett, has said that the Government will be spending some $250 million this year on two major spas, Bath, St. Thomas and Milk River, Clarendon, towards the development of Health and Wellness Tourism.
Mr. Bartlett said that this was in keeping with the efforts to expand the ‘mental imprint’ of Destination Jamaica, worldwide.

Minister of Tourism Hon. Edmund Bartlett (second left) being assisted by Dr. Sandra Hill-Cameron (left) and Dr. Tanya Perry in cutting the ribbon to officially declare open the 46th National Convention of the Jamaica Dental Association, at the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort in Montego Bay on Thursday (February11).

He said the Ministry will be addressing the physical rehabilitation of the two spas, and that $100 million will be spent at Bath and $150 million at Milk River.
Mr. Bartlett was addressing the official opening ceremony of the Jamaica Dental Association’s (JDA) 46th National Convention at the Holiday Inn Sun- Spree Resort, Montego Bay, on Thursday (February 11).
He pointed out that the Ministry of Tourism had prepared a Concept Paper, which should address the means by which health and wellness tourism can be developed.

Minister of Tourism, Hon.Edmund Bartlett (left), greets these ladies (from left) Erica Stephenson, Vanesa Dover and Tameka Linton, during a tour of the display booths at the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort in Montego Bay on Thursday (February 11). Occasion was the 46th National Convention of the Jamaica Dental Association, which ended Saturday (February 13).

“As part of the unified approach to Government, we will be working with the ministries of Health and Industry , Investments and Commerce, among others, to review and create appropriate legislation and regulations,” he stated.
“As we pursue these and other initiatives, I urge you to continue to develop the quantity of practitioners and quality of expertise to meet the growing demand for high-quality, cost-effective medical services,” he told participating dentists and other medical representatives.
He said that Dental Tourism has two big advantages: The first is that developing countries, such as Jamaica, tend to offer significantly lower prices than developed countries, while the levels of expertise and quality of service are usually the same; and the second is the combination of dental treatment and a nice and relaxing vacation.
“It is therefore not difficult to see why dental tourism is increasing in popularity, especially in the context of the global economic crisis . the advantages of promoting dental tourism as part of health tourism are clear”, Mr. Bartlett emphasized.
The Minister, accompanied by leading members of the JDA, then cut the ribbon to officially declare the Convention open.

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