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The Northern Jamaica Development Project has been allotted $1.5 billion to complete the majority of all civil works related to the construction of Segment Two of the Northern Highway from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios, acquire all parcels of lands necessary and resettle all households.
The sum has been set aside in the 2004/05 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.
Segment two of the Northern Highway sub-project covers approximately 97 kilometres of road between the two cities. The existing highway will be improved to increase safety and ride comfort by localized flattening of curves, road widening and improved driving surface. It also includes the relocation of utility poles and water pipelines. Major components of the civil works will include the construction of three new bridges, three major bypasses and five overpass structures.
To date, a contract has been awarded and road works are 55 per cent complete while the construction of four new bridges and three bypasses is in progress.
Relocation of all utility poles is 90 per cent complete and resettlement of all households affected by the project is 92 per cent complete. National Water Commission pipelines are 56 per cent complete and negotiations for acquisition of lands have been carried out. In addition, the NWA has obtained access to 356 of the 456 properties to date.
Construction has already been completed on phase one of the project.
Meanwhile, additional targets for 2004/2005 includes Segment Three (Ocho Rios to Port Antonio), where all affected householders are to be resettled; construction contracts are to be awarded; a consultant supervisory firm is to be put in place and at least 20 per cent of construction works are to be completed.
Segment Three of the highway project covers approximately 120.4 kilometres of road between Ocho Rios and Fair Prospect (Port Antonio).
The project, which falls under the Ministry of Transport and Works is jointly funded by the Government of Jamaica, the European Union, the Inter American Development Bank and the Overseas Economic Corporation Fund.

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