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The Police Traffic Division is warning motorists that there will be a zero tolerance approach to traffic violations during the Christmas season.
According to Superintendent Fred Hibbert of the Police Traffic Division, motorists who violate traffic laws will be punished for their indiscretions.
“For this Christmas we will be increasing our visibility on the roads, checking for defected vehicles, increasing our breathalysing test on our major highways, and we will be practicing a zero tolerance approach to moving (traffic) violation. There will be no chance, no warning just action,” he revealed to JIS News.
Continuing he stated that “Seventy per cent or more of fatal accidents are caused by moving violations, such as speeding, improper overtaking, running red lights, running stop signs and overtaking without clear view of oncoming vehicles. So in order to address this issue, we have strategies in place to catch these violator”.
The Superintendent further explained that “we have been putting on a number of programmes that deal with speed, so we are retraining our members and training new officers on how to use speed radars. We have also been embarking on drunk driving campaigns because persons under the influence of alcohol contribute significantly to accidents”.
He further added that the police will be intensifying operations on public passenger vehicles.
“We will be intensifying operations on public passenger vehicles to ensure compliance with the relevant Acts. So the loud noise music, over tinted glasses and overloading of busses will be targeted. We will be working with the Transport Authority and other Government and non-government agencies to ensure that we get some of these done immediately. We will also be targeting illegal taxis especially station wagons, because drivers tend to carry passengers in the trunk of these cars,” he noted.
Superintendent Hibbert also pointed out that the police will be working tirelessly to reduce gridlocks along road ways.
“In some areas the roads are normally blocked up because motorists are impatient. What we are going to do is to ensure that there are as little gridlocks as possible so that people can travel freely. This is also important as it relates to emergency vehicles moving freely to and from their desired locations,” he said.
He is however cautioning motorist to use their better judgement when they approach roadways that do not have the requisite signs in place.
“There are some areas on the road that are under going road improvements and the requisite signs are not in place but motorist must use their conscience and use the road properly,” Superintendent Hibbert advised.

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