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The Jamaican Diaspora, Southern USA will host a one-day Youth Forum on April 12, at the University of Miami campus, beginning at 9:00 a.m.
It will target high school and college students of Caribbean descent from 16 to 30 years of age.
The theme of the event is: ‘Shaping our Future, One Aim, One Destiny’, and it will seek to enlighten and engage young leaders in discussion about issues relevant to their success in the United States and abroad.
The participants will also address areas of co-operation between Jamaica and the USA and how best young persons can become involved in contribution and development significant to their own development as well as that of both countries.
Guest speakers will be Consul General, Ricardo Allicock and Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board member, attorney-at-law, Marlon Hill.
Topics for a panel discussion will include, ‘Making an Impact’, ‘Building Relationships’ and ‘Cultural Identity’. Panelists are Dr. Lloyd Cohen, President of the Jamaican Association of Dade Educators (JADE); David Mullings, co-chair of Jamaica Youth Forum and President of Realvibez Media; Dr. Percy Ricketts, clinical psychologist; Dr. Scott Hamilton of the Florida International University (FIU), and Kellian McDonald, Founder of the Jamaican-American Student Association at the University of Florida (UF).
The forum is also intended to prepare youth participants for the upcoming third Jamaica Diaspora Conference to be held in June.
According Mr. Hill, “we face unique challenges and issues as an immigrant community, and this forum is intended to expose these issues, not only for the young people but also for the parents and caregivers.”
Further discussions will help the youth participants to identify problems, foster communication, and offer support and assistance through mentoring, dialogue and networking.
Interested participants can contact the Jamaicayouthforum@gmail.com or visit www.realvibez.com/jamaicayouthforum or call the Jamaican Diaspora Movement at 786-349-2584 for registration.

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