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The youth outreach arm of the National Transformation Programme (NTP) is now operating in some 15 schools across the island.
This was disclosed by Director of Development, Planning and Monitoring with the NTP, Fabian Brown, at a recent JIS ‘Think Tank’.
“The Students for Transformation (SFT) are in Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. Ann. The idea is to solidify what we are doing in terms of transformation in those schools and gradually take on more,” Mr. Brown said.
The SFT consists of student leaders from 23 secondary and tertiary institutions from four parishes. Since its inception in 2009, the group has been spearheading a national values and attitudes campaign with the youth being the group’s target.
Mr. Brown said the SFT is also seeking to engage young people in Homes and Places of Safety, such as the Mustard Seed communities and the Alpha Boys’ Home. He said that the plan by the SFT is to reach young people wherever they are. He also refuted the claim that the SFT is only seeking to attract the “converted and getting students on board who are easy targets.”
“We have students for transformation now who can talk about their history, and a history that they talk about, not necessarily proudly, but they talk about that history from the perspective of seeking to transform others,” he explained.
Secretary of the SFT, Kristal Grenyion, said that during the Students for Transformation Week, scheduled to take place during the first week in October, youth leaders of the SFT will be sensitising young persons about the organisation, and their role in the national transformation process.
She said the SFT has partnered with the National Secondary School Council, which is based in several regions, in an effort to reach more schools and expand its membership.

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