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Director of the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD), Ohene Blake, has urged young people to get involved in entrepreneurial ventures to build their lives and contribute to the national development process.
Mr. Blake, who was giving the main address at the launch of the Northern Youth Run at the Anglican Church Hall in Port Maria recently, said that entrepreneurship is the career of the 21st Century and should not be regarded as an option to be embarked upon only after failing to achieve success in other endeavours.
He advised the young people that to become a successful entrepreneur, they firstly need to think seriously about the kind of business in which they want to get involved. Once that decision has been made, they must be prepared to provide the best service to their customers, adding that in so doing, they will be able to survive despite the strong competition with which they will be confronted from time to time.
Mr. Blake said that the NCYD is fully committed to lead and support any policy framework that will bring about a new culture of entrepreneurship among the country’s young people, as this is the most worthwhile means of economic development for the people of any society.
Mr. Blake said that Jamaica, while challenged economically, is rich with resources and is blessed with well-thinking young people with the ability to develop new paradigms that will encourage and nurture far-reaching development initiatives, boost enterprise creation and development, promote productivity and increase the prospects for honest and hardworking Jamaicans.
He said that the time has come for young people to see themselves as the inspiration for the country, who will eliminate such ills as drug abuse, criminal activities and violence, and build solid character and national development.
The National Youth Run, which is part of activities to mark November as Youth Month, got underway in Port Maria, and will pass through the parishes of St. Ann, Trelawny and St. James before ending in Hanover. The event is designed to unite young people around the common cause of entrepreneurship.

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