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18 year old Garry Buchanan had his dying wish come true yesterday afternoon (Feb. 8). His wish was to meet Prime Minister Bruce Golding.
Garry, the eldest of seven children has been told that he does not have much time left. In fact he was told he only has two weeks to live before he succumbs to cancer which was first diagnosed last year February.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding (r) gives comfort to 18 year old Garry Buchanan whose wish was to meet Prime Minister Bruce Golding and to seek his support in getting the medical care he needs in his fight to survive cancer. The PM was accompanied by Minister of Health Ruddy Spencer and Chairman of the National Chest hospital where Garry is a patient, Tanny Shirley.

Prime Minister Golding took the time to visit young Garry at the National Chest Hospital in Kingston where doctors brought him up to date with the teenager’s condition. Garry was able to converse with the PM and told him how he had to give up his training as a welder at HEART NTA when he learnt that he was stricken with cancer all over his body. Doctors have already amputated his arm with the hope of arresting its spread. The Prime Minister was accompanied on the visit by the Minister of Health Ruddy Spencer and Chairman of the Board of the National Chest Hospital, Mr. Tanny Shirley.
‘We’ll do all we can to assist you. I got your message and I have told the doctors that anything you need which is not available here, they must make us know so we can provide it for you. I know it must be hard for you, especially a young man looking forward to a long healthy life. You must not give up and you must pray too because prayer can work miracles’, Mr. Golding told young Garry.
According to the doctors Garry will require long term ventilatory support and a very rigid tracheal stent-an open tubular structure inserted into an artery to keep it from becoming blocked by the disease, but this has to be imported. His mother and grandmother said they could not afford the medical costs and the Prime Minister was their last hope to get the level of care that could just make a difference between life and death for Garry.

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