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The complement of nurses in the Western Regional Health Authority (WRHA) has been bolstered with the addition of some 47 graduate nurses since the beginning of January. One Public Health Inspector has also been employed.
A two-day orientation exercise for the new nurses began at the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) on Tuesday, January 2.
Presenters at the orientation included Acting Regional Director of the WRHA, Dr. Alexander Konstantinov; Training Development and Recruitment Manager, Jacqueline Martin-Hall; Personnel and Industrial Relations Manager, Celia Huggan; Regional Health Promotion/Education Officer, Michael Kington and In-service Education Officer at the CRH, Marlene Marsh-Robinson.
Following this exercise, 22 registered nurses and eight enrolled assistant nurses will be posted at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James; seven will be placed in the parish of Westmoreland; four will be sent to Trelawny, while the parish of Hanover will receive three registered nurses and two enrolled assistant nurses. Hanover will also receive the Public Health Inspector.
Addressing the orientation ceremony, Dr. Konstantinov expressed delight that the nurses were joining the WRHA.
He said that while primary care and secondary care were important in the delivery of healthcare, emphasis must now be placed on preventive care and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
There are four hospitals and 83 health centres within the WRHA, which covers the parishes of St. James, Hanover, Trelawny and Westmoreland. They serve a combined population of approximately 450,000 persons.

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