NLA to Improve Web-Based Service

The National Land Agency (NLA) will be adding a number of features to its web-based service, as the agency continues to use technology to enhance the level of service that it provides to customers.
The new features would be part of elandjamaica phase two, which would be launched shortly, disclosed Customer Service Manager at the NLA, Lori-Ann Thompson, at a customer service network quarterly meeting held today (March 6), at the Knutsford Court Hotel.
“Elandjamaica has been up and running for about four years, and we have gotten excellent response to it.we have a lot of subscribers, and what we have been doing over the last few years is meeting with our customers, asking them what do you like about it, and what we can do to improve it, and we have made some the very near feature, we will be launching eland (Jamaica) phase two,” she informed.
The revised website, Mrs. Thompson, would be more user-friendly, allowing easier navigation, so that users would not have to browse several pages to get or input information. “We have been getting complaints about this one.everything is now going to be on one screen, and you’ll be doing everything from one page, which will make it a lot easier,” she explained.
Users will also have the additional option of searching for documents using their credit cards, instead of having to subscribe. “On eland phase two, we are going to give you the option to pay by credit cards, because we have so many persons that may just want to do a one-off search; they are not interested in a subscription account, they just want to be able to do one search,” she pointed out.
There will also be access to additional documents on elandjamaica. “Right now, we still have some of the titles that were not scanned.all of these titles should be available in phase two, and we will also have some other title-related documents that you will be able to view,” Mrs. Thompson informed.
Six years ago, the government of Jamaica amalgamated all the different agencies that deal with land to form the NLA. These included the Titles Office, the Land Valuation Department, the Survey Department, and the Estate Management Department. “What the NLA has tried to do is make doing business with us easier, more efficient, and quicker,” Mrs. Thompson said. Thus, the internet-based service, elandjamaica, was created.
Prior to this, if persons wanted to see a copy of a title or valuation report, they would have to physically go in to one of the agency’s islandwide offices. “Now you can go online and see these things.
It revolutionized the way we do gave anybody anywhere in the world, access to selected information on property, location, titles and valuation information on any parcel of land in Jamaica,” the Customer Service Manager pointed out.
Persons may visit the NLA website at:

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