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Minister of State in the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Richard Azan, has disclosed that the Ministry would be undertaking more projects using in-house staff, as a pilot project using this method has resulted in savings of $15 million.
Mr. Azan told JIS News that estimates for a road rehabilitation project in St. James were received for $40 million, but a decision was taken to do the project using personnel of the Ministry.
“This resulted in the Ministry saving some $15 million. Based on this savings, we at the Ministry will be analysing and would be taking on more projects to save more money, so that other projects can be accomplished,” he said.
He said active discussions were taking place at the Ministry to divide the funding allocated for projects, so that 50 per cent of the projects could be undertaken in-house and the other 50 per cent could be carried out in external contracts.
“It’s not that we would be taking away work from contractors, because some projects would definitely have to be given out as we do not have the necessary equipment to execute the works, but we have some excellent members of staff who can carry out the work and for us to save $15 million from one project, it’s worth looking at,” he added.
Mr. Azan pointed out that this method was being used in river training, but this would have to be expanded, as money saved would be used to fund other projects.
“I’m saying to the officers of the National Works Agency, gear up and get yourself ready, because you will have to do some of the work. No one will be allowed to simply sit in the office anymore as you will have some outside work to do,” the State Minister told JIS News.

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