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Work will continue under the Road Rehabilitation Project (Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development), to upgrade the island’s road network through the rehabilitation of 274 kilometres of road sections in 12 parishes across the island.
To this end, a sum of $50 million has been set aside in the 2004/05 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives to, complete the remaining 8.217 metres of road section in St. Andrew; complete the remaining 3.46 kilometers of road section in Manchester (Whitney Turn to Trinity); and to rehabilitate five kilometres of road section in St. Catherine (Spanish Town Bypass). Final payment will also be made to the contractors under the programme.
Jointly funded by the Government of Jamaica and the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development, the project was implemented by the Ministry of Transport and Works in April 2002 at an estimated cost of $8.9 billion. Up to March 2004, the project had completed designs, tenders and the awarding of contracts. It also finished 19.3 kilometers of road section consisting of housing and pavement in Manchester (Williamsfield to Greenvale, Mandeville to Mark Post).
In addition, 20 per cent of 12.84 kilometers of road section inclusive of drainage, retaining walls and curb and channel was completed in St. Andrew.
In November 2002, the Ministry of Transport and Works signed contracts totalling approximately J$900 million, under the Kuwait Fund Road Rehabilitation Project, to effect upgrading work on just over 40 kilometres of roadway in three parishes. The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development was a major partner and stakeholder in financing the Old Harbour By-Pass in St. Catherine, which was opened in January of 2003.

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