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Venue Development Manager of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Cricket World Cup, Christopher Smith has said that all development works on the Greenfield Cricket Stadium in Trelawny were presently on target, with the greater portion of the work now ahead of schedule.
Mr. Smith said the work teams were aiming to complete the project ahead of time in November 2006.
“The North stand is ahead of schedule, the shaping of the East and West burms are ahead of schedule as well, the field of play is also ahead of schedule, and the pitch. The South stand is about a week or so behind schedule, but we are moving to change that by commencing work ahead of schedule on the seating bowl for the South stand, which accommodates 7,500 patrons,” Mr. Smith informed.
He further told JIS News, “we plan to, at the end of March to early April, when we have completed the North stand, to increase the resources by the South stand to ensure that we are back on schedule”.
Several members of the ICC Inspection Team, recently toured the Greenfield facility and were pleased with the progress and quality of the development taking place at the stadium, which will host the opening ceremony for the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup.
The Venue Development Manager said the citizens of the Greenfield, and Daniel Town environs would benefit from the establishment of the stadium, as the one kilometre Daniel Town main road would be upgraded to a four lane roadway.
“By the end of March we are going to be starting work on the Daniel Town main road . we are going to upgrade this roadway from two to four lanes for the events. We feel that this work should be completed within a four-month period, because we want to do that before the start of the hurricane season,” Mr. Smith informed.
He pointed out that employment opportunities for local tradesmen and professional construction workers were on target as some 300 persons were presently on the project site.
“We have a full capacity now of some 300 workers and this is split almost fifty, fifty between locals and Chinese workmen, so I think we are doing well in that regard. We do however have a Chinese all star team on the North stand and a Jamaican all star team on the South stand and both are doing quite well,” he noted.

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