• JIS News

    The Woodlawn School of Special Education’s recently held ‘Heritage Day’, saw students participating in a wide range of activities, such as a quiz competition and cultural performances, supported by teachers, parents and visitors.
    Sovia Reid, a Cultural Coordinator at the Manchester institution, told JIS News, that the day was quite exciting as the students showed off their knowledge in various areas. “I was very moved by the quiz competition where the students displayed their knowledge on what they learnt on their heritage, the National Heroes, symbols, music, based on Bob Marley and others,” she said.
    Another Cultural Coordinator at Woodlawn, Tamara Reynolds, explained that this year’s activities stood out over previous ones. “What makes today stand out is the fact that not only was the focus on the students, it was on the entire community. In previous years we had only students performing, however, today the teachers performed. We had the National Senior Citizens’ Association, (and) they performed very well. We (also) have our Japanese volunteer, and he did something from his culture and that was extremely good,” Mrs. Reynolds stated.
    Meanwhile, national trainer for Special Olympics Jamaica, Orville McCatty, said what he observed at the event had reinforced that if special students get full support they can continue to excel in many areas.
    “Am very impressed, to understand the different ability that these students have, to see level of what they have displayed here today really impresses me. The cultural items and the quiz competition pleased me. I was happy to see the support of the parent group, and support from agencies that witnessed what the students can do, and being able to show it to the wider community will allow them to receive the kind of support that we should give to them,” Mr. McCatty said.