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Ten fishermen from the Bluefields Bay fishing area in Westmoreland, who suffered significant loss as a result of Hurricane Ivan in September, are to benefit from rehabilitation efforts initiated by the Bluefields People’s Community Association (BPCA) and a local-based tour company, Reliable Adventure Jamaica (RAJ).
The two groups have contributed some $450,000 and the money has since been used to purchase ten rolls of fishing wire, which will, later this week, be presented to the fishermen, who lost all their fishing pots during the hurricane.
Programme Coordinator for the BPCA, Keith Wedderburn told JIS News that in view of the devastation caused by the hurricane in Westmoreland, and the plight of the over 50 fishermen in Bluefields, the groups had launched a number of fund-raising initiatives.
“Fund-raising efforts are still underway and we are hoping in the near future to be able to lend a hand of assistance to the other fishermen who had recently suffered loss to their livelihood. We have also secured an additional US$800.00 which will be used to start a revolving loan scheme for these fishermen,” he informed.
Mr. Wedderburn added that, “we are looking forward for all these fishermen in the area to form themselves into a vibrant group, because one of the drawbacks affecting many of them is that, refusing to be a part of a group, have seen them being automatically locked out of many funding opportunities that are available”.
He stressed that this was a “nice” start and a step in the right direction towards empowering the fishermen in achieving greater efficiency.

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