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    A website geared at informing communicators about issues important to them, ‘’, was launched on February 20 at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston.
    The website, conceptualized by Berbick Graham and Associates, started as a monthly newsletter (StratCom) in May 2006 and offers news and resource information, which focus on the media, public relations and marketing industries.
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Berbick Graham and Associates, Marie Berbick-Graham, said the company’s aim is to provide a complete resource for communicators.
    “We are hoping that this website will help persons to better understand what we (communicators) do and to appreciate us,” she said.
    In addition to news, the website carries a comprehensive information resource for persons within the communications disciplines and is aimed at creating a better understanding and greater appreciation of the work of media, public relations, marketing professionals and assist professionals to access useful industry information at the click of a mouse, Mrs. Berbick-Graham said.
    “We started out with a very simple newsletter, which was being e-mailed to persons. Within about three weeks of us having started the newsletter, we had over 300 subscribers,” she informed.
    The CEO said at that time, the newsletters were free, and so a decision was made to start a full-fledged website and charge a subscription fee.
    She further pointed to the distinctiveness of the website. “What made us unique was that there was no other publication that was focusing on media, public relations and marketing. We were going the extra mile to produce well-researched articles that were of real interest to people within the industry,” she said.
    Berbick Graham and Associates is a communications and development consultancy, which provides advice and implementation services for public relations, marketing and development projects.

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